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Answers to some important questions you may have about your child's education.

We know how important it is to make an informed decision about your child's college experience. Here are some topics that come up often when we talk to parents of prospective students.

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位置 & 住房

我们的校园位于冬季公园, 佛罗里达, in a college-friendly area near other schools such as UCF and Rollins College. Affordable and convenient residential options surround the campus, many within walking distance.

Full Sail doesn't have dorms or on-campus housing. 然而, we have a dedicated 住房 department that provides students with resources to support their decision-making process. 我们的房屋指南 有附近居住地点的详细信息吗, 安全信息, 选择室友, 还有其他需要考虑的重要因素. The 住房 department maintains a roommate list and works with Enrollment Guides to make sure students have determined their housing situation before beginning their programs.


Full Sail大学’s degree programs bring career strategies into the picture early on. Career modules are built into our bachelor’s curriculum, 涵盖的主题包括, 面试技巧, 到个人品牌. And ongoing portfolio projects are designed for students to develop tangible work to show future employers or clients.

Career support extends past graduation with a dedicated 职业发展部. Advisors provide guidance and resources specific to a student’s prospective industry, and stay in constant communication with the professional world. These services are available to graduates no matter which stage they are in their career paths.


Full Sail’s student community is close-knit and active. Through clubs, special events, and networking, students have many opportunities to make friends and 合作创意项目. Your child may have anticipated getting a part-time job in college, but that will be challenging to manage alongside a Full Sail schedule. Our degrees are fast-paced and time-intensive – just like the 职业生涯 they are designed for – so it’s important that students have time and energy to devote to their education.


See below to learn more about topics like 金融援助, 奖学金, and preparing your child for Orientation. 如需进一步阅读, explore a collection of helpful articles 为父母和家人在The HUB, a site dedicated to informational and instructional content, 由Full Sail大学提供.